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Event - Nanuri(2014)
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* Product Name : Event - Nanuri(2014)

* Contents :

a. $250 or above : PukiFee Swimming Flippers (BW skin)

b. $400 or above : PukiFee Diving Helmet (BW skin)

c. $600 or above : MiniFee Nanuri Head (NS or BW)

d. $600 or above : PukiFee Swimming Set (A. diving helmet + B. swimming flippers)

e. $800 or above : FeePle60 Nanuri Head (NS or BW or Tan*)

f. $1500 or above : c + d + e


- Abbreviations : NS(=Natural Skin), BW(=Beautiful White Skin), Tan(=Tan Skin)

- Eligible price shown above EXCLUDES shipping fee.

- Chosen event gift must be included together in the order cart to receive it.

- One order is eligible for one event gift of designated price or lower. (eg. order which eligible for FeePle60 Head (e) may choose to receive MiniFee Head (c) instead).

- Orders containing wrong event gift will be cancelled by the administrator and refunded if payment has already been made.

- Customers who is eligible and wish to choose option D should select and put gift options A and B into the shopping cart.

- Customers who is eligible and wish to choose option F should select and put gift options A, B, C and E into the shopping cart. It is not possible to receive two or more items of same type (eg. it is not possible to request for a + a + b).

* Feeple60 Nanuri Head in Tan skin can be selected only if your order contains Tan Skin FeePle60 body OR Tan Skin FeePle60 A la Carte

- Any existing orders participating in previous event are NOT eligible to participate in current event by placing combined orders. One order is eligible for one type of event only.

- Changes in event gift types or skin tone is not possible after the order is placed.

- Please take time to review your shopping cart carefully before placing your order as it will NOT be processed if wrong event gift is selected.



PukiFee Swimming Flippers


PukiFee Diving Helmet


MiniFee Nanuri Head


FeePle60 Nanuri Head

- Please check the processing time stated on the product page. If you have ordered more than one item, you should be referred to one with the longest processing time.
- Processing starts upon payment confirmation and it does not include Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.
- More information can be found on our Shopping Guide page